Conflict Frontiers International ‘Unemployment & Depression in Africa’ Virtual Summit 2019

Deadline: 9 Years

Deadline: Ongoing


  • Open to African young adults within or outside the continent;
  • Depending on availability complimentary tray tickets, this virtual summit is also available for non-African descent young adults interested in the topic.

This virtual summit is an intensive program designed for African young adults seeking to effectively respond to the most pressing challenges of unemployment, specifically responding to depression.

In this summit’s program, participants will be taken through the myths surrounding mental health, the manifestations of depression, which vary from one to person to another, the objective response to depression, the processes and procedure options in overcoming depression, and after identifying their individual strengths, pinpoint the ways that their current positions are transferable to assist others undergoing but in denial of depression. The Summit will hold on April 13, 2019.

Participant Learning Goals

  • Map out and debunk the various myths surrounding depression among young adults;
  • Understand how shifting the mindset on depression and mental health could affect the delivery and capacity to succeed, and how personal and professional relationships might affect your progression;
  • Identify how your strengths can play into helping out others going through depression but in denial of the same;
  • Understand the different coping mechanisms from different experiences and perspectives so you are capable of identifying what works best for you.