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FoodTech Accelerator Program for Startups 2019

Deadline: 1 Second

Deadline: September 30, 2019


Open to startups taking on these trends:

  • Quality & Traceability: Food Safety, Plant & Food Quality
  • Circular Economy: Sharing Economy, Food waste, Sustainable Packaging
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Precision Nutrition & Coaching, Meal Replacement & Supplements
  • Alternative ingredients: Plant-based proteins, Invitro Cell Culture, Novel & Superfood
  • Agritech: Precision farming, Animal health, Vertical, and indoor farming, Clean Commodities
  • Delivery revolution: Direct to consumer & Meal Kit, Digital Restaurants, New delivery vehicles
  • Omnichannel: Customer engagement & Smart packaging, Digital Experience & Native Brands

Open to Every year, FoodTech Accelerator selects up to 10 best-of-breed startups to supercharge food innovation. They match them with their Corporate Partners business needs and together accelerate concrete industrial pilot projects in a 15-week program.

How it Works

  • Engage with the FoodTech Accelerator network before starting the program
    • International Roadshow: Meet during tech and innovation events, industry leading conferences, and by direct referral of Deloitte network of investors, mentors, and partners. Follow the #FTARoadshow on LinkedIn and Instagram
    • Live interviews: Shortlisted startups will be meeting the selection committee in charge of selecting the best up to 10 teams to access the program
  • An Intensive 15 Week Program
    • A hands-on learning experience and out-of-the-building approach: Successfully transform ideas into innovative products. This program takes startups from Business Model Consolidation to Validation & Prototyping aiming at Fundraising & Go-to-Market success
    • Work directly with expert mentors: Selected startups will validate and scale their business faster thanks to mentors from both Corporate Partners and Deloitte that enable MVP and PoC testing
  • Accelerate Fast!
    • Rock the stage at the DemoDay: A few moments in front of carefully selected investors and a whole new food community keen to drive selected startups to the next stage
    • Boost network connections: Learn from cross-functional and cross-contaminated teams of Corporate executives, experienced consultants, entrepreneurs, scientists, private investors and venture capitalists (VCs)


  • Corporate Access: Speed up your go-to-market
  • Investors Network: Gain access to up to €1,000,000 in follow-on already committed investments
  • Smart Money: Access to cash contribution and services in exchange for up to 6% of your equity
  • European Ecosystem: Hop in a newly created ecosystem on Food + Innovation with international mentors
  • Deloitte Approach: Leverage on a globally recognized consulting approach and worldwide network
  • Dedicated Hub: Open the doors of space in Milan to taste your products with partners’ facilities